digital vs. handmade :)

I just wanted to highlight a couple of pieces I did when I participated in a couple of group gallery shows. The first piece was from a show that we used a blank skate deck as a substrate . There was not an overall subject matter so it was up to the artist to um wreck the deck. I'm a big fan of using mixed medias. So in this piece I started with a hand drawn sketch of my clock shape onto some wood veneer I bought from the craft store. Next I hand cut the wood veneer with an exacto blade (yeah i had blisters from this- oh yes i did). Then I proceeded to paint it with acrylic paint. To prep the deck I used some iridescent medium and put just a few coats so the wood finish would still show. I also purchased a clock kit , some sheet metal grating, some chain, old wallpaper and some super grandma doilys to use. I priced this guy kinda high since I really just wanted to keep it.
so here is the final product- I call it cuckoo for you :) :and here is my digital interpretation- obviously it is not exactly the same but I think it would make swell poster:Next project was from yet another group show that called record breakers. In this show we used a old vinyl records as a substrate. In all honesty I'm not much of a painter- but I attempted a bit more on this piece then the first. I also used some of the leftover wood veneer from cuckoo for you on the balloon basket and lil'guy. I thought I had priced this one a little high and assumed it would not sell- but surprisingly, it did & the buyer is hanging it in his little girls room- which made me super happy to know:). I'm thinking of using some 45s and doing a small series of additional ones with different elements & charecters/animals.
Here is outcome:

Ok on to the digital translation- still different but once again I would love to print these on some nice French paper- hmmm maybe the Kraft from the Muscletone assortment- ohh yes please :I have a few more pieces that fit into this post but I think I will save them a later date. We are off to dinner with some friends. A good day to you all!!

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